Sunday, July 24, 2011

VBS 2011

Northwest Bible Church VBS 2011 - PandaMania Kids & Crew

Three weeks ago today, the Northwest Bible Church VBS crew swept their way out of Westwood Elementary as the 2011 VBS season came to an end.  Just days before, the gym, classrooms, hallways, and playground were filled with the joyful sounds of 260 kids and 125 volunteers building friendships and growing in their relationship with Jesus.

VBS week has been my favorite week of the year since 2004, when I first started directing.  Before that, I didn’t know the first thing about VBS.  I had never attended one as a kid, and never been involved as an adult.  But hey, I had the skills necessary to organize a fun week for kids, right? J  Over the past 8 years, I’ve learned the program doesn’t succeed as a result of my own skills and efforts; it has everything to do with God’s amazing work happening right before my eyes!  Now I spend less time “working” on VBS stuff, and more time on watching Him work.  Yes, God uses us to be the hands of feet of His work, and I am continually grateful for the efforts of so many who serve, but ultimately, it is all about Him.

One of my good friends was not able to volunteer at VBS this year, but she wrote something during the week that that touched my heart. Here is what Sonja had to say…

“You know when the Bible says wherever your treasure is there your heart will be also? Today from the hours of 9am-12pm I was here (at work), but I wasn’t; I was emotionally and spiritually at Westwood Elementary School where Northwest Bible Church is having their annual VBS program. This is the 1st year that I have been in the state that I will not be able to participate and help, which is just weird. There is something about VBS that gets all of us who help out so pumped up. I don’t know if it is the opportunity to invest in the next generation, or if it is being around like-minded believers, or if it is just having fun with kids, which reminds us about the faith that we had when we were a child.

 I’ll bet as you walked around Westwood today you would have seen smiling faces everywhere; the kids don’t care about whether the music is perfect or the lighting is set up or if last year’s decorations were better than this year. All the kids know is this is the highlight of their summer. A chance where they can be a kid and be loved for being a kid.

Today as I sat at work entering in some information on a computer, I walked myself through a day at NWBC’s VBS, and you know the great thing? I wasn’t even there but my attitude was lifted immediately as I thought about the kids playing, learning and being loved on. There is something about a child being a child that liberates us adults from the ordinary routine of  this life, and reminds us of the faith that we were meant to embrace.”

Spending a day with children at VBS and witnessing their excitement to learn of God’s love makes it easy to see why Jesus told people that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like children!  Childlike faith is something each of us should strive for! 

Although it’s still summer of 2011, my mind is already moving ahead to VBS 2012, and I can’t wait!  The opportunity to serve God’s children is by far one of my greatest joys, and I am blessed to be a part of His work!


  1. Dearest Brook.....
    I have never been more spiritually uplifted, or inspired as I have been today by reading your blog. I just recently started my own blog, but by reading your I realized my content just isn't cutting it!!

    I was only vaugeley aware of the challenges that you and Keith were facing. The only information that I had was through second-hand stories. I knew that you were terribly busy decoding his disease, and searching for treatments, so I was reluctant to contact you. I apologize for my selfishness, and now see that it would not have been a burden to you!

    I can only express to you that I have new respect and admiration for you. I have ALWAYS known that you were a strong and amazing woman, but your faith and strength that has been revealed to me today is remarkable!!!

    I only have a short time to send you this quick message of love and support... You, all of you, are in my heart and in my prayers!! And I would love the chance to get together, and catch up...

    You are truly amazing....


  2. Aww Ker...I would love to get together and catch up too! We sure have a lot to share! I am praying for you now too...I heard a little of what was going on with you too, but had no idea until I read YOUR blog! I can't wait to see you very soon, my friend! :)