Sunday, October 9, 2011

KidMin 2011: I Saw God Today!

Some of the gals in the Early Childhood Ministry Connect Group

Okay, I’m one of those people who sees God every day.  In fact, all day, every day.  He is everywhere in my life.  But today, at the KidMin 2011 conference, I saw Him in a BIG way! 

I’ve been part of the Inside Track team for KidMin for the past 15 months. As part of this team, I’ve seen the conference shaping up to become an event that I just could not wait to be a part of! The goal for KidMin was that it would be an “unconventional” conference; totally one of a kind.  Check out these values that drove the KidMin vision…

Let JESUS be the center of everything. Be AUTHENTIC. Good CONVERSATION makes the world go 'round. You can't be too FRIENDLY and you can't have too many friends. Make TRAINING seep deep into your roots. If you innovate, you'll stay fresh. If you're not RELEVANT, you'll be ignored. Have tons of FUN!
Connect Groups are one element that sets KidMin apart.  They are small group style conversations for people with similar ministry needs.  I’m leading the Early Childhood Ministry Connect Group, and about an hour and a half ago, our 3rd gathering of the weekend wrapped up.  I’ve been sitting here in my giant, comfy Xorbee pod chair ever since, just processing all that has happened.  Seeing relationships built, ideas shared, encouragement offered, moments of laughter, words of encouragement…those have all been awesome to watch.  And today, something stood out!

One girl in our group came to our first Connect Group time 2 days ago, and I could just feel her pain and frustration.  She is overwhelmed in ministry, as so many are.  She is frustrated that her church leadership does not value children’s programs.  She is overwhelmed with many children and not enough volunteers.  She wants families to take part in the faith formation of their kids.  The list goes on.  I immediately committed myself to praying for her this weekend.  Today, she came to our group, and I sensed something different.  Her adorable smile was a little bit bigger, she was more relaxed, but there was more…she was filled up with Jesus! As our talking continued, I noticed that she was encouraging others.  The same girl I met 2 days ago had really been transformed by this weekend!  She was my God Sighting today!  Maybe my God Sighting for the whole weekend! 

I know that many lives and ministries will be touched and forever changed because God is HERE this weekend, and HE is working on us all!  In my mind, watching the transformation of that one girl alone made the KidMin conference all worth it!  All the prayer, efforts, time, and energy poured into making this weekend what it is have paid off.  I’m completely filled with JOY and THANKS!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this Brook! It was an incredible week of seeing how God is moving throughout the nation and think it is exciting to see so many working together for the kingdom, not just their own church. Wish I was able to spend more time with you lovely ladies!

  2. Hi Cyndi! I agree! It WAS great to see so many collaberating for His kingdom! I'm already looking forward to KidMin 2012! :) Blessings to you!