Saturday, December 31, 2011


GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME – The grand finale of my 20 Great Things!

This realization is what inspired me to begin my list in the first place.  And I’ve been saving it for the end.

Lately, I’ve noticed how many people make comments something like this: “My family is wonderful, I love my job, I have great friends, money matters are fine, my children are the best.  God is good.  I am blessed”. 

I haven’t seen one like this: “My family doesn’t understand me, my job is hard, my friends talk about me behind my back, my house is in foreclosure, my kids always misbehave.  God is good.  I am blessed.”

When Christians talk about how great their lives are, and how wonderful God is, non-believers don’t really tend to listen.  Why should they?  “Yes, your life is perfect, and therefore, your God is great; but my life isn’t perfect and so why should I think there is a God who is great?”

Up until 2011, very few people had ever asked me about my faith.  Occasionally, I would share with someone who hadn’t asked, but I didn’t feel like I got much response.  I would guess that many people felt kind of like Keith and I were the people in the first statement.  The outward perception was a life most of society would envy.  Of course, there were plenty of imperfections.  We’re humans, after all.  But at first glance, all those things society values as important...we had most of them. 

As soon as our circumstances changed, people were shocked when we announced over and over again that we knew God was in control and we were at peace with what was taking place.  Dozens of e-mails started coming in almost immediately, and the natural response was to start sharing what God was revealing to us...His PEACE, HOPE, & LOVE.  Pretty soon, hundreds, and then thousands, were following Keith’s story.

Let me interrupt myself for just a moment to point something out.  I don’t ever intend to make something bigger out of Keith’s illness than it is.  He is in remission right now, and if it’s God’s will, he may never be knocked down by Wegener’s again.  People everywhere… in our state, in our town, and probably just down the street, are dealing with more serious things than we may ever have to.  My intention isn’t to put the focus on the specific problem, but to show that any hiccup in our everyday life can be used to give God glory and show others the hope only He can give, and lead them to want to know more.

It’s been over 9 months of people letting us know how Keith’s story has touched them, how our faith has inspired them, and how their walk with God has been impacted by what they’ve seen in our lives.  None of those things are something we can take credit for.  That’s all God’s work.  And what we know, most of all, is that the awful disease that started all this is the one factor that caused people to even notice God working in our lives.  See, people are a captive audience to this statement: “I was diagnosed with a rare disease, I don’t know whether I’ll live or die, treatment options are scary, I have no income, I have a wife and 3 young sons to care for.  God is good. I am blessed.”

Christmas this year took on even more meaning for me when I stopped to consider God’s greatest gift to mankind… the birth of His son Jesus, who would live and die, so that we could have the eternal hope we’ve shared with people all year long.   Jesus is the one reason.  Not just “the reason for the Christmas season”, but the reason we can live filled with hope and joy and peace in all circumstances.  Not some, but ALL.

Next time, when your life is really difficult, when it feels like nothing is going right, use that opportunity to share how amazing God is.  Then, people will listen.


  1. Ok, found it! Great stuff. Thank you. I have always had a hard time when people that make a lot of money say "I'm so blessed" I used to look at myself and wonder "what about me?" Now I don't think that way anymore. Jeremiah 29-11 reminds me that "God's got this!"

    1. Thank you for reading, Joe. :) It's the truth...God IS good all the time. We have to remember that He's bigger than our current circumstances, and His goodness is steadfast and never changes.