Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Growing Up

Old enough to buck bales this year...

Number 3 of 20 Great Things in 2011 was watching my boys grow up.  While parents everywhere are talking about the past with eyes full of tears and wishing their kids could be babies again, I am cheering over what the next day will bring.  It's always been that way with my boys.  Every stage just seems so much cooler than the last, and I love seeing how God is working in their lives and shaping them into who He wants them to be. 

When haying season came around this summer, Cole (8 at the time) was finally strong enough to buck hay bales on his own.  It was cool to see the grin he tried to keep to himself when working with all the teenage boys.  He had graduated up from driving truck to working with them, and he was proud.

When I look back over the year, all 3 of our boys have grown up in substantial ways.  With Keith being sick, they were exposed to a pretty dramatic life change for much of the year.  Through that time, they learned amazing life lessons that will stick with them forever.  They were blessed to experience all that they did...seeing that God is there for us all the time, watching Him answer prayers, feeling the support of our extended family, learning how God uses other people to help carry us through the hard times, seeing love pour in from friends, our community, and people across the world.  I'm so thankful for all they learned this year!

Growing up comes in different forms.  Like the physical kind of growth that has Clay able to beat me at arm wrestling; or the mental kind that turned Cole into an awesome reader; even emotional maturity that helped Carson be brave during many medical procedures.  But of all the kinds of growth, seeing them grow in faith has been my favorite one of all!

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