Friday, December 9, 2011

My Kitchen Is Smiling...

My 4th of 20 great things in 2011 is dedicated to those who love to bake. 

After using only 1 loaf pan for the first 14 years of married life, I decided it was time to venture out and buy a second pan.  About the time I calculated the wasted hours, waiting for one loaf to get done before using the same pan to bake the second loaf, a Williams Sonoma catalog showed up in my mailbox.

When WS shows up, I like to find a place to hide from distractions (also known as a husband and children).  I read the details of each and every item, and dream of what life would be like if I could just live in those pages.  As I finish the back cover, I've usually wiped the drool from my face at least a dozen times.

When I spotted some loaf pans, my eyes quickly jumped to the price...$25 each.  EEK!  After the initial shock, I figured I should at least let the company defend why it would charge so much for a simple piece of bakeware, so I got online and started reading reviews.  They all sounded too good to be true.  I debated for a few days, spent a few more hours waiting around for single loaves to bake in the oven, and decided it was time to give them a try.

The day my Goldtouch Nonstick Loaf Pans arrived, I anxiously washed them up and tried them out with a zucchini bread recipe I'd been using the past few months.  Holy cow.  When the bread was done, it didn't even look like I'd used the same recipe.  When it was cooled enough to eat, it didn't even taste like the same recipe.  If it were possible for pans to be magic, I would say these are.  I imagine this sweet little kitchen fairy flying around the inside of my oven, sprinkling some sort of pixie dust on my bread.  It really is that good.

Seriously, my kitchen is a better place.  Keith and the kids are gobbling up bread faster than I can bake it.  I'm grinning as they eat, because they have no idea about all the healthy things I can disguise in a loaf of pumpkin bread or zucchini bread.  If you love to bake, or even if you don't, throw out whatever you're using now and buy these pans.  They are life-changing.  I promise your kitchen will smile, too. :)

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