Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Those Big Red Creatures That Say MOO!

Big Mama at the Rocking Bar H

Yup, because I live on a farm, my bovine friends were bound to make the 20 Great Things list too...

I walked in the door about 4:30pm tonight, turned on the oven, put on an apron, hauled out an armload of shopping bags full of presents, & turned on some Christmas music.  Keith was at a job uptown and the boys were all at my mom's, so with the house to myself, I was going to start baking and gift-wrapping.  Just as I added a few eggs to the mixer...you know, the really important part where you're watching the clock to make sure you precisely follow the prescribed mixing time...the phone rang.

"Hi, Brook.  This is your neighbor, Russ.  Is it possible that you have a cow out?"  I laughed, "Yah, it's always possible we have a cow out."  And with that, I was racing around to hide unwrapped gifts, turning the oven off, pulling on my rubber boots, and driving away to find one of the missing herd.

Our cows have this ability to pick the most inopportune time to cause me grief.  They pretend not to have much brainpower...using every ounce they can muster for chewing on grass, producing fabulous smelling fertilizer, & occasionally mooing all night long, just to remind us that they are in our presence.  But I know better.  I can almost hear the laughter disguised as a "moo" as they find ways to escape when the Ranch Boss isn't around to put them back in.

I suppose over the past 6 years, I've done my share of complaining, so while thinking of what I'd add to my list of greats tonight, the cows (whom I've been anything but grateful for) came to mind.

The Ranch Boss positively loves working with cows, & I've finally stopped trying to analyze and understand that strange behavior.  When he was in the hospital in March, he watched a few of our bulls sold at a sale where we consign in Montana, and as bummed as he was not to be there this year, the change of scenery from dowtown Seattle out the window to an auction ring in Manhattan, Montana on the laptop was just what he needed.  During some of Keith's lowest times this year, a conversation about our cows or what was happening at the ranch picked him up more than anything else. 

And as much as I like to harass Keith about the cows, they really are great for our boys, too.  I've heard many times that kids raised on farms really have it good.  And they do...they're learning some awesome stuff that they will use for life...patience, good work ethic, & business skills just to name a few.

While I'm sure they'll continue to escape for the pure entertainment of watching me react, & use my flowerbeds and vegetable garden as a giant litter box, I intend to keep in mind that what is "great" for Keith, and "great" for the boys, is also great for me. :)

Welcome to my list, mamas.  Moo...

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