Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Trying to get 125 volunteers and 250 kids ready for a group photo.  Piece of cake...

#15 of 20 Great just knew VBS would be on the list, didn't you?
I think that by now, everyone who knows me AND everyone who doesn't know me is aware that I'm a VBS director...and that I've been directing VBS since 2004...and that VBS is my favorite week of the year.  If you didn't know any of those things, now you do. :)

God has sent some amazing lessons my way through VBS.  8 years ago, I was asked to direct children's ministries at our church, and to consider putting on a VBS program that summer.  My first question (to self ONLY): "What does V.B.S. stand for?"
No, I'm not joking.  Not at all.  Clearly I had a lot to learn.

What I've learned over the years is that at VBS, and in every other part of my life, God is in control.  And I just have to repeat that, because someone reading this still doesn't understand that yet...GOD IS IN CONTROL.
For awhile, on the inside, I was taking the credit for the success of our VBS program, and also taking every little dinky mistake to heart.  When I finally realized God orchestrates that whole program each year, just as he does every detail of our lives, being a VBS Director became even cooler than it already was!

Why is VBS so wonderful?
 friendships are formed ... life changing lessons are learned ... volunteers lives are impacted as much as the kids ... VBS music is awesome! ... excitement builds all year long ... people work together like the "body" they should ... parents are thankful ... kids don't want VBS to end ...the message of God's love for us and desire for us to follow Jesus reaches SO far outside the walls where VBS is held!

A few weeks ago, a little girl who attends our VBS program was telling her mom she had seen me, and referred to me as "that lady who loves Jesus".  That's my prayer for every person who steps foot into our program, whether they are a child, a family member, or a volunteer...that they would all be "that person who loves Jesus".

Most of the panda ears and bamboo have been rounded up and packed away by now, and will soon be replaced by pilot's goggles and flying pigs. Without a doubt, VBS 2012 already holds a place on my GREAT THINGS list in the coming year!

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