Sunday, April 29, 2012

Proud Farm Girl!

I've failed miserably by blogger standards these past few months, but oh, if you only knew how many posts I've started!  They're swimming in my head, floating around in files on my laptop, and scribbled all over dozens of pieces of scrap paper everywhere I turn!  If I could only convince myself to stop rambling and just get to the point, I could crank them out!

Today, however, was a big milestone in the life of this farm girl, so I've set out with new determination to share my joyous moment in a short and sweet manner. :)

I call myself a farm girl because I live on a farm, so I consider that my qualification.  But I secretly know when it comes down to it, I'd miss the mark by many standards.

Running farm machinery is certainly not in my skill set.  When the tractor starts, I hurry and run the other way before I get asked to help out.  It's this fear of driving over family, friends and animals combined with pushing a wrong button and having the whole mess explode into a billion tiny pieces that worries me.  Yes, the dreadful vision in my mind is like a Brook version of a Wyle E. Coyote cartoon.  Having boys on the farm has allowed me to hide behind that fear pretty well.

Today the kiddos were gone to play at grandma's, and Keith asked me to hop on the tractor and go for a ride with him.  I was thinking, "Oh, how sweet!" :)  As we got partway across the pasture, he broke the news that he'd gotten the Ranger stuck in the mud and needed my help getting it out.  Uh-oh...I quickly tried to think of an escape plan.

Before I knew it, I was behind the wheel of that giant green creature, creeping through pasture gates and praying that I wouldn't feel the bump of a sweet baby calf or my Ranch Boss under one of the monstrous tires.  Those tires, by the way, are as tall as I am...what's NOT to be afraid of???

It was probably a 20 minute ordeal from start to finish, but as I sat in that cab...the motor roaring so loudly I could only try to figure out what Keith was directing me to do by his sign language...I began to feel this giant sense of accomplishment welling up inside me!  With every passing moment that nothing disastrous took place, the name "farm girl" took hold in a whole new way!  As I hooked onto the Ranger and pulled it from the deep mud, I tried to keep a serious look on my face (the way I picture a "real" farm girl doing it), but I'm pretty sure I was grinning from ear to ear.  If not on the outside, then on the inside for sure. :)

With mission accomplished, I shifted up a few gears on the drive back to the barn.  It wasn't so tough after all!  I parked the tractor a few minutes later, feeling like today I really earned my title!  Yeehaw!

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