Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Favorite Time Is Here...

The first day of the season arrived today.  A couple months of prep work, planning, wrenching, fixing, buying, selling, and endless shop hours are over.  Well, mostly.  Now it's after dark, the shop lights are off - the first time in awhile, and replaced with headlights in the pasture.  

This is the season of late dinners. The anticipated text lets me know when it's time to have food waiting on the patio, and as politely as possible, it had better be ready on time.  There won't be much time to talk before the meal and bodies are gone and back into the tractors and pastures.  It's haying season.  My favorite time of year.

 Tonight when the herd sat down, it took just a few minutes to realize the little great one was missing.  As if on cue, we turned to a whooping sound far off in the pasture.  And there went running legs and waving arms, through the tall grass, rounding up the horses for the night.  Moments later he hopped into his seat and dug in.

My day started riding on the fender of the 2355, bouncing along beside the oldest.  Listening to his plans for the day as he mapped out field work aloud.  The whole time, keeping my eyes on my favorite mountain and thinking, "You are beautiful, and we are blessed".  This is the time of year that makes up for gray, cloudy days and seemingly endless rain.

These boys of ours are young farmers to be proud of.  Each of them, even the smallest, more capable of ranch work than many grown men.  Early mornings and late nights while the weather holds are just part of the deal, and done with a smile.  Because they love it, I guess.  The Ranch Boss is out early and out late, tan neck and arms, and happier than ever.

I get to work in the garden, the yard, the flowerbeds, and keep the food coming when I'm called. Oh, and wrestle hay bales soon...the best part.  I sort of hide from the rest of the world and soak up every moment of peace and hard work and sunshine.  Don't take it personally, and don't worry, if you don't hear from me.  I'm doing just fine, enjoying my favorite time. :)

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