Thursday, September 26, 2013

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together.  ...that's how the saying goes.

About a month ago, I was out for a run on a country road in Montana.  My mind was on the upcoming KidMin Conference, taking place in Colombus, Ohio this October.  KidMin is an amazing culmination of folks who love Jesus and serve children.

As I approached a little while farmhouse, I could hear the call of a magpie coming from a tree in the front yard.  Magpies make such a distinct sound...some love it, some hate it...but there is no arguing it is loud.  My mind shifted from the conference to the bird, and I began to think of how I am like a magpie.  Later, I read a little about magpies, and the resemblance is really kind of crazy...

They are opportunistic, social, expressive and willful. 
They have a colorful character.
They have an obsession with shiny things.  Gosh, that's easily distracted.  
They're known for their noisy, chattering sound.

Somehow the magpie and KidMin spun together in my mind and I began to wonder what type of bird my KidMin friends would describe themselves as.


As the list of birds flipped like flashcards from goose to roadrunner in my head, the smile on my face got big. At one point I recall thinking I was glad I was way out in the grasslands deep in this thought all by myself.  Just imagine if I was home...running down the sidewalk in my small town like I often do...giggling and smiling from ear to ear.  People would think I'd lost my mind.  Then again, maybe they already do...

Today I'm in Montana again, and this morning as I ran along the banks of the Madison River, I could hear the call of magpies. 

The KidMin Conference is almost here.  Two weeks from today, I'll set foot in the Buckeye State for the first time in my life.  I'll spend a weekend with thousands of others who are different than me in so many ways, yet who share the same desire for every child on this planet to know God's love.  In that way...and what I believe is the most important way...
we are "birds of a feather".

These people who serve children across the globe - some of them I haven't seen since last year, others I keep in touch with almost daily, and then there are those I will meet for the first time - they inspire me to press on, doing the little bit that I can do in my 
small corner of the world. 

So look out Ohio...we're heading your way.  And in we'll come... 

And we'll leave changed -  having grown closer to Jesus, having built and strengthened friendships, having learned more than we could have imagined - 
ready to fly back to the places we serve and really 
spread our wings.

This bird is just so thankful for KidMin!
tweet tweet :) 

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  1. YAY!! See you there Brooke! Can't wait to see all my KidMin friends!