Sunday, November 9, 2014

This is Still What They Love...

Now and then, 
that thought we're determined to hold onto, 
to never forget, 
fades a bit in the hurry of everyday life.

Late tonight I picked up Cole from a day of fishing...
his first ever for silver salmon...
in a coveted place many will never see. 

Up early with his gear packed and smiling, I was reminded this morning of a blog post from 2 years ago...This Is What They Love (to check it out, click here).  I had written it about the boys' love of duck hunting.  
And again...the words were in my head...
This is what he loves.

A 12 year old doesn't just go to bed after dinner to wake up at 2:30am 
for something they don't love.  
Or voluntarily take an overnight trip with near strangers 
for something they don't love.  
Nor do they talk with a twinkle in their eye the entire car ride home 
about something they don't love.

And yet just weeks ago, I was persistently working to convince this boy that he must play basketball this year.  
Days of effort went into the plea...
"but you are so good at it"
"it will be a great experience"
"you will learn so much"
"you'll be better prepared for the future"

...and on and on, before one final afternoon,

"Mom, I just don't love it." 

And with those words, I realized what I had known before, and still knew deep down. 
My "best" intentions might be based on what everyone else is doing, 
and not on what's best for my kids. 
Society is like a vacuum when we're not paying attention to what's important.

This boy is gifted at what he loves.  
His hunting and fishing experiences, in 12 short years, tell a wonderful story.  
He has learned much, and is already a teacher to many.

We are all created with different talents and abilities.
God works in different ways through each of us, 
and we are to use our gifts to honor Him and bless others.

To think of my original post about these boys who loved to hunt (and fish) 2 years ago,
to know they are more in love with it today...
THAT is a blessing.
To get to talk early on in life about using the things you love to do for God's glory...
that is also a blessing.

And for the little nudge I got today, 
the one that reminded me it's okay not to do what everyone else is doing,
that is something I am truly thankful for.
This is still what they love.

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