Monday, January 8, 2018

Stand By Your Man

While the 1968 hit song by Tammy Wynette has caused heated critisicm over the years, 
the phrase STAND BY YOUR MAN is one that I hope will never be lost on society. 
The world might say something different these days, but I believe the woman standing by her man is 
strong, brave, and smart.

As a mom of boys, I suppose I'm overly conscious of the ways we campaign to empower females. 
More than conscious...often bothered by it. 
A great lesson in patience for remembering that it isn't always my time to speak. 
But, today it's time. 
White men as a group don't need to be demonized even one more time 
in order to let girls know they are awesome. 
My husband is a white man. And my three kids will grow up to be white men; one of them is already an adult. 
I will stand for them and stand by them.

My mom didn't kick off a "Blonde Power" campaign for me when I was a little girl because a brown-haired girl picked on me relentlessly. Do you get how ridiculous that sounds?

The value in you is that God created you. 
And the value in others is that God created them. 
Yes, everybody. Every single one of us. Period.

You are not a mistake. 
You were made on purpose, for a purpose. 
The "tear one down to build another up" mentality doesn't work. 

There is nothing demoralizing about a wife being her husband's biggest supporter. 
And likewise.

" where your story begins"

These words hang on my kitchen wall. 
I've given the phrase so much thought over the years.
What we say to each other and to our kids,
how we act to one another and to our kids,
that is what they take out into the world with them.
There isn't "Boy Power" or "Girl Power" around here.
We have our distinct strengths and weaknesses, 
and it's pretty amazing how they all fit together to make this family work.

The future is NOT female.
The future is NOT male.
Why do we say these things?
The future is every one of us.

When I look at my 11 year old son standing in front of the school as ASB president, I don't think, 
"I'm so glad my BOY is up there." I'm proud that my CHILD is up there. 
God gave him the desire to lead. Good for him. 
And good for the friend standing beside him that is 
ASB Secretary. SHE also has the desire to lead. 
May they lead well. Together. They are better together. 

So I guess more than anything, this is just to say that we're out here...
Strong women who support strong men. 
Strong women who are supported by strong men. 
Women who are raising their boys to be strong men. 
And who are praying for the girls growing up in today's world, 
that they would see their value as a child of God...
 that they would know the importance of togetherness...
and that one day, they will proudly stand by their man. 

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