Just Me

I'm Brook.
Known for babbling since I began talking.
Born in the Pacific Northwest, even though it took me 
close to 30 years to truly appreciate this remarkable corner of the world.
I'm a typical oldest child, who thankfully married a youngest child.  
Keith and I have made his hometown of Enumclaw our home since 1997, and we've welcomed 3 boys into our world: 
Clay (18), Cole (16), and Carson (11).

I never considered that one day I would be a rancher's wife, 
but what an unbelievably great surprise.  From cold, wet winters with 
pastures full of newborn calves, to hot summer days of tractors and hay dust, 
it's a better life than I could've dreamed of.

I love Jesus the most, followed by the family I've been blessed with.  I love the outdoors, my garden, hiking, skiing, & yoga.  When I feel like I can't do anything else well, I go to my kitchen and cook for hours and hours, because that's one thing I know I'm good at.  I think ministry is a word we mistakenly associate with people who work at a church building, when really we are supposed to be ministers in all we do, every day of our lives.

The inside of a coffee shop...oh, how I love that smell.
Midnight...the hour my brain seems to get creative.
Sunshine...something you truly appreciate when you live where I do.
The sound of a barn full of cows chewing on hay...lovely, peaceful, rewarding.
The world...there is so much to experience.  Soak it up.
And while you are on this planet...make a difference.