Ranch Boss

I think I found the most handsome man in the world...
and here he is, sitting right beside me.
What a lucky girl.

Keith is an all-around great guy, as anyone who knows him would agree.  
He's the kind of friend you call for help, and the neighbor who will doctor your cow and mend your fence.  As a husband and dad, he's a strong and discerning leader to our family. 
As a partner in life, he's just the balance I need.  
He's black-and-white when I am gray; 
he's the giver while I'm the taker; 
he steadily controls the brake when my foot is stuck on the throttle.

When I think of him, I wonder how so many qualities that complement me 

could be wrapped up into one human being.
God is good like that.

In March 2011, Keith was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease that nearly 

took his life; a form of vasculitis called Wegener's Granulomatosis.  
After his diagnosis, Keith made the decision to give thanks to God for the new path that was now his, and use it for good.  As his health declined, his faith grew, and he took the opportunity to share encouragement with many.  
His battle with the disease has changed our lives for the better.  
Today he lives with the label of a Wegener's patient, and the attitude of a blessed man.    
I'll tell about his journey with Wegener's now and then.

These days, Keith continues to run the ranch and lead our family 

like only a true Ranch Boss could. :)